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Have you invested hundreds of dollars on hair products only to find out they don't work?




- girl it's time we change that!

Hi there! I'm so excited you found me -  if you are here it's because you are looking for something! Whether that be better curls, education or product knowledge -- or what we all crave most as humans. COMMUNITY. 

Welcome to the Curl Boss Community. A place where bold women love their curls.


I'm Marilyn Rose and as a curl specialist for the last 12 years I understand the everyday challenges you have with your curly hair, and products being on the top of the list. With a limited amount of curl expert out there, I also understand the frustration of trying to find a stylist that understands your hair.


That's why I created the Curl Boss Beauty Box! The only customized beauty box on the market for all of you Curl Bosses out there! Who doesn't love a good beauty box? But when it comes to our hair - no two heads of curls are the same - so why would we all purchase the same generic beauty box?


As a fast growing market with very few curl experts, many curly girls are left struggling to find someone who can help them. Because of this I am left with such limited space - and wait lists as long as Nordstroms on black Friday. This got me thinking - there has to be a way I can help more girls embrace their curls!


With a dream to change the world - one curl at a time, I came up with this virtual quiz that you will change your curly girl life!  No need to book an appointment, and wait for months to get in, slip into your Pj's pour a glass of wine and get ready to find out EXACTLY what your curls need. With these specific questions that are designed to identify your curl type, texture and curly hair challenges, I will be able to hand pick the perfect products to have you feeling as good as J.lo & Shakira at the super bowl!

Are you ready to change your life? I can't wait for you to take the Curl Boss Beauty Box Quiz!


 good lookin'!

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