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Micro Mist Treatment

The Micro Mist uses mist produced by ultrasound technology to provide small water molecules that can penetrate the hair's cuticle to a greater depth. This revolutionary treatment is used to make hair silkier, softer, bouncier, shinier and stronger. 


Mist is excellent at refreshing wavy, coily and curly hair textures to help maintain curl definition and minimize product use. The heat aids in hydrating dry hair and leaves your parched tresses happy. The mist lifts the hair cuticle, allowing your treatments to penetrate deeply into the hair shaft which helps to heal damaged hair. The moist heat also encourages blood circulation, promoting hair growth, and soothe a dry itchy scalp.


Some other treatments use steam instead of mist but are not nearly as powerful. As particles of mist are very small, they infiltrate hair strands easier and allow the conditioning treatment to enter more deeply.


A treatment using the Micro Mist usually lasts about 6 to 7 minutes and leaves your locks silky smooth for several weeks. For stronger and longer-lasting results, the Micro Mist uses a cooling system at the end of each treatment. By cooling the hair, the cuticle closes and traps the treatment product inside. 









Micro Mist is said to be the most effective treatment for damaged and dull hair. Interested? Here's a breakdown of the three most important steps involved in The Micro Mist Treatment:



Heating activates the molecular movement of the treatment and the water in the hair. At the same time, heated mist swells the hair and enhances your treatment by allowing it to penetrate deep into each hair.


Cooled air sent from the mister fan draws the heat out and rapidly soothes the molecular movement within your hair cuticles that had been activated by heat energy. This action reinforces the fixation of the treatment to the inside of your damaged hair.


By circulating mist in a temperature-controlled hood, the hair receives the heat energy evenly. As a result, each hair strand gets the treatment to ensure it retains moisture, resulting in healthy and youthful hair.


Currently, Curlology is the only salon in Ottawa to offer this unique hair and scalp treatment.

If you are hoping to take advantage of the amazing benefits the Micro Mist system has to offer, schedule an appointment or add it on to your current appointment. 

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