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Best Treatment For Dry, Frizzy, Or Damaged Curly Hair

It can be a lot when dealing with damaged curly hair. However, a good hair care routine and some preventative treatments can go a long way in keeping those locks beautiful and bouncing all year round.

So how do you know that your curls need some extra love? Here are my top telltales sign that it's time to show your tresses some TLC.


Excessive fizz can be caused by heat styling, overwashing, the wrong products, or too much touching, and it is one of the most frustrating things to deal with. It's also a good indicator that your curls are damaged, and it's time to do something.

Hundreds of dollars can be spent trying to tame the frizz mayhem, and most of the time, it's a losing battle. However, Curlology's new micro mist treatment can be a huge help! One of the primary purposes of the micro mist treatment is to help your hair absorb products better. So if you're are going to spend the money on anti-frizz products and treatments, you might as well make sure you can reap all the benefits.


All curly girls know how hard it can be to grow your hair long, but it's even more challenging with brittle locks. Breakage can happen for several reasons, including over washing, excessive use of heat products, color damage, or exposure to the elements.

So for anyone trying to grow their curls out or combat dry, brittle hair, I recommend Curlology's micro mist treatment. It helps to heal and condition the hair at its core.


When curly hair loses its bounce, the structure of your curls has been compromised. To help bring your locks back to life, you want to use a nourishing conditioner. But why not bring it one step further? Curlology's micro mist treatment helps to lock in moisture and hydrate the hair from the inside out.

Damaged curly hair doesn't have to be a nightmare. Make the necessary changes to your hair care routine, use the right products, and book a micro mist treatment. Your curls will be back to their bouncy selves in no time.

I always recommend that you get a few treatments throughout the year to ensure the health of your curls, and after you see the results from just one, it will become part of your hair care salon treatments

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