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How Do You Do the Curly Girl Method?

2 Steps to Freedom with the Curl Boss Beauty Box

2 Steps to Freedom with the Curl Boss Beauty Box

Sometimes it takes a community to help bring about a healthy head of beautiful curls.
How to do the curly girl method by Marilyn Rose

And, I absolutely love helping curly-haired beauties achieve curls they’ve only dreamed about, but there’s only one of me, and since I’m not looking to clone myself anytime too soon, I’ve done the next best thing—created the Curl Boss Beauty Box.

It’s a customized system that follows the Curly Girl Method, a health-focused hair regimen that promotes moisture-rich products while eliminating silicones and sulphates.

The Curl Boss Beauty Box takes out all the guess work and gives your curls what they need to thrive. I designed it with only Curly-Girl-approved products that work by enhancing the beauty of your curls and helps to save you money.

Now this is where you and the Curlology community come in. To learn more about this amazing Curl Boss Beauty Box and how it can smooth out your Curly Girl journey, I’ve created a quiz to help curlies discover which products work best for them.

My quiz asks all the right questions and is primarily geared towards Curly Girls who have never had an appointment with me. You can think of the quiz as if it’s like having a real one-on-one consultation with me. I believe it’s that thorough and effective.

I’d love for you to take it, so you can give me your feedback, but I have a feeling you’ll love sharing it even more.

Here’s why. You receive an e-gift card offer for a treatment worth $28 for every completed Curl Boss Beauty Box sale that you recommend to your curl girls.

There’s no pressure and recommendations are super easy. It’s as simple as you sharing my quiz with others. And, when they list your name as the recommender and they purchase a box, voilà! Your treatment is waiting for you.

We all need a little support, myself included, that’s why I’m asking for you to share the knowledge and love for what works best for a variety of curl patterns and textures so we can stop the disappointment and frustration— together. Curly hair isn’t hard to deal with once you find the right support and the right plan, and the Curlology community!

And, speaking of community, I’ve missed my Curlology tribe during this COVID-19 pandemic. As we reconnect and you come in for a visit, here’s how I’m protecting you:

I have a lovely sanitizer station that “greets” you. Please take a moment to sanitize your hands.

To maintain a touchless shopping experience, I will pull your product recommendations for you.

While you visit, wearing a mask is mandatory. If you forget yours, I have one for you.

Please only bring essentials: keys, wallets & phones. Leave big bags, jackets, etc. at home or in the car.

And, as excited as I am to see you back, when you first arrive, please check in inside. If I am not ready, I’ll kindly ask you to wait outside or in the waiting area.

Thank you for being mindful of these guidelines and I can’t wait to welcome you back!

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