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Should You Be Using Hair Oil For Your Curly Hair?

With summer upon us and humidity rising we have to give our curls a little extra TLC, so they don't get too unruly. Given curly hair's propensity for dryness and frizz, hair oil is crucial for healthy-looking locks. And with the summer's humidity, using oil on your curly hair is even more important.

Hair oils fall into two different categories: moisturizing or sealing. So what's the difference? And which one do you need?

Moisturizing hair oils penetrate the hair shaft and lock in the water while sealing oils just remain on the surface, forming a film to reduce moisture loss and helping to improve shine and softness. And the curlier the hair, the more important a combo of these hair oils is for your curly hair care routine. So the answer is, you should use both.

Moisturising and sealing oils should be used at different steps in your haircare routine. Use your moisturizing hair oil on damp, freshly-washed hair, and your sealing oil last as if it were a leave-in conditioner.

So which hair oils should you look to give your curls some extra TLC this summer? Here are a few of my favorites:

Amika Glass Action Hydrating Hair Oil Universal Elixir 80ml


All curls welcome!

Made especially for those in need of an extra dose of silky, smooth shine.

InnerSense Beauty I Create Shine


All curl types & textures.

A silicone-free shine shield that protects and reflects your healthiest, glossiest hair.

Living Proof Curl Moisturizing Shine Oil


All curl types.

Silicone-free oil boosts shine, moisture and smoothness.

Hadaka HALO Hair Oil Marula and Broccoli Seed 60ml

All curl types.

The perfect multitasking hair oil for any hair type. Wear your crown of light proudly!

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