Curl Trigger

Curl defining spray



Ideal for fine hair, Curl Trigger instantly creates moisture-rich curls and waves. Formulated with our exclusive Curl Creating Complex (C3) and fortified with sea vegetable extract, this curl defining spray encourages soft, loose texture. Alcohol-free, so it won’t dry out your hair.



Pull the trigger and spray into damp hair. Scrunch for loose waves or diffuse dry for more curl definition. Can be used on dry hair as a next-day refresher.



Curl Creating Complex (C3) and hydration-holding humectants containing:

  • Bio-fermented tomato fruit extract – shrinks the hair cuticle and encourages curl.

  • Rice amino acids – hydrate and improve hair strength, promote curl, and help fight frizz.

  • Keratin protein – moisturizes and strengthens hair and fortifies the curl.

  • Cetrimonium chloride – smoothes hair and fights static-induced flyaways.

  • Magnesium sulfate – helps shrink the bonds in the hair, cultivating and defining each individual curl and wave. It gently supports curls without being crunchy and helps give hair a silky, soft feel with lots of movement.

  • NaPCA – a natural moisturizer.




  • Alcohol – formulated without alcohol in a soothing base that won’t dry out hair.

  • Parabens – used as preserving agents and have been shown to be a concern to human health.

    We use gentle cosmetic grade preservatives with a worldwide safety approval.

  • PABA (or para-aminobenzoic acid) – one of the first sunblocks widely available for purchase in the 1970’s. PABA has been found to be an irritant to the skin and as a precaution we have chosen to use alternative ingredients like benzophenone-4 or ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate.

  • Gluten – all AG Products are 100% gluten-free.



Curl Trigger is an excellent curl refresher in combo with our other curl products. Curl Trigger + Texture Spray = more texture and hold. Coax curls with finger tips for curl definition.

Curl Factor 1 2 3.5 4 5

Hold Factor 1 2 3.5 4 5



Curl Trigger



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