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cut & style
Glam Makeup

cut and style

Ladies creative cut and style                  $85

Men’s cut and style                    $45


     Shampoo and style                  $50

Specialty hair/Updo                 $85



colour and dimension

Hair Model

*Prices do not include cut or style and may vary depending on hair length and density


 Root retouch            $75     

* includes 1 1/2oz of color 


Full colour refresh             $95     

Colour retouch with Lightener              $105   

Face framing foils              $50     

Mini foils              $75     

Partial foils              $125

Full head foils              $165   

Shine refresh             $90     

* all over semi permanent .                      

Full Balayage - Above shoulders           $185   

               Below shoulders             $210   

Mini (face framing)             $90     

Colour correction          $100/hr

Each additional ounce of colour/Toner needed            $12   


    * All colour services include a customized hair                      treatment, relaxing scalp massage and hot towel wrap .          

curly girls
IMG_2774_Facetune_08-04-2020-18-30-11 3.
Model with Curly Hair

curly girls

Marilyn Rose is a Deva Curl certified stylist, Rezo certified, and a Controlled Chaos certified stylist . Having worked with all types of curls, Marilyn understands the challenges that curly haired girls face in terms of curl type, texture, cut, color, styling and products. She believes that she can help you finally love your curls.

All services are offered with the health of your curls in mind. Only the best curl products are used to help clarify, cleanse, hydrate, and style curls for every curl type and texture. 

*Prices are reflective of the length of time it takes to complete your desired look based on the length & density of your hair

Short - chin and shorter 

Med - between chin & shoulders  

Long - past shoulders

Curl Transformation Cut  FOR ALL FIRST TIME CLIENTS. This service ensures you get to experience your curls at their full potential!

Includes: consultation, hair detoxification, conditioning treatment, customized haircut & style for your natural curls, with a step by step coaching into styling and product application



Deva Cut - Dry Cut

Short                                                      $125 

Med                                                      $138

Long                                                      $150



Rezo Cut - Dry Cut

Short                                                      $125

Med                                                      $138

Long                                                      $150

Controlled Chaos Curl Cut

A curly wet cut designed for those curly girls that enjoy swinging both ways....Straight and Curly


Short                                                     $125

Med                                                     $138

Long                                                     $150

Curl Edit (for existing clients only)

For the girl on the go. Experience a quick maintenance TRIM to get rid of the bulk and keep your style looking great in-between appointments. Includes a dry cut, no styling or wash. Recommended every 2 - 3months

Short                                                     $70

Med - Long                                            $85


Child Curly Cut 10 and under (First Time) Includes Consultation, custom cut, style, and coaching 



Child (10 and under)                              $65


Speciality Hilite Techniques:

Clouding                                                $145                           

Hand painting (Pintura)                              $165


Rezo Lites Full Head                                  $175

Rezo Lites Partial                                       $125

One On One Education:

Curly Girl Tutorial Without cut 1.5hr                                                                                           


This session will change the way you look at your curls forever. With this one-on-one coaching, we will focus on your curl type and texture. How to wash, style, apply products and next day refresh so you can love your curls. Clarifying and customized treatments included. Each coaching session is customized to your individual needs

Tutorial With cut 2hrs                            $250

*How to arrive for your Dry curly cut...


Hair needs to be completely dry and in its naturally curly state, free from ponytails, clips and buns. It is ok to have light product in your hair for your appointment.

specialty treatments

specialty treatments

Detox Treatment $20

Perfect for all hair types. Revitalize, cleanse and stimulate your scalp and hair with our activated charcoal purifying regimen. Help to extract impurities from hair caused by pollutants, heavy metals, mineral deposits, and a build-up of products


Protein   $20

Helps reconstruct, recondition and fortify distressed hair and curls caused by over coloring, bleach, and heat damage. Achieve15 times stronger hair and help prevent further breakage and weakened curl pattern 


Deep Conditioning   $20

Helps replenish and maintain essential moisture balance to keep hair soft with increased manageability, frizz control, and shine


Frizz Control  $20

Provides intense anti-humidity hair smoothing protection

Last up to 5 shampoos

*perfect during high humidity months*



Olaplex $20

    2 Steps $35

A unique synergistic system to promote bond integrity to prevent hair breakage during and after a professional hair color or lightening service

Highly recommend for any curly hair lightening

Micro Mist w/ Customized Hair or Scalp Treatment $40

    During Conditioner & Styling Process $15

An ultrasonic hydration system that will take your curls to the next level. This revolutionary treatment is used to make your hair silkier, softer, bouncier, shinier, and stronger. 

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